The first CME for the year 2019, organized by KQHDA was held on 6th January 2019 at RV Teachers college , Jayanagar at 3pm. There were good number of attendees. The president of KQHDA, Dr Chaitali Kulkarni and secretary Dr Deepa Raje Nimbalkar welcomed the audience wishing all a very happy new year and a minute of silence for peace day.
The new year began with CME on interesting topic of homoeopathic management of cancer by speakers Dr Poornima and Dr Praveena. Dr Poornima graduated from GHMC and Dr Praveena from Hyderabad.
Cancer is a disease which many practitioners are either sceptical or find it challenging to take the case. Some even hesistate to take the case doubting their knowledge or confidence in the system of medicine. The speakers today through their presentation cleared the doubts and built up the confidence that “yes” we as homoeopath can do much good for a cancer patient, increasing their life expectancy as compared to other school of thoughts or medicine.
Homoeopathy treats the individual as a whole with an holistic approach treating each patient as an individual and not just the disease or diagnosis.
The presentation was started by Dr Poornima with a video presentation followed by scope of homoeopathy in treating cancer patients. The therapeutic managemnt was explained by Dr Praveena.
Whenever a cancer patient comes to us , we as homoeopath should give importance to the presenting complaints that is currently troubling the patient, understand the stage or level of disease, then the miasmatic background before prescribing the appropriate remedy. 
The main factor in cancer is either heredity or genetic but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of patient having cancer with no history of disease in family.
The other factors to consider in the prognosis of the cancer is the age of the patient, the organ involved and severity of syptoms.
In treating cancer patients our main aim should be relieving patient of his current symptoms, having regular follow up and most importantly giving the patient a better life. 
The speakers presented a case of 71 year old man with lung cancer and how with homoeopathic management, the patient is a cancer survivor for last one year where he was given 6 weeks time by other school of medicine. Along with indicated remedy, the patient was given biochemic remedy like Kali Phos 6X and Ferr Phos 6X. The CME was concluded by feedback on session by Prof . Dr Swamy where he explained that cancer can be treated either by single dose or multiple remedies depending on the symptomatology as well as the stage of disease.
He also elaborated that regular follow up of cancer patient is very important as homoeopathic remedies may help as palliative. Also repeated use of Ars Alb can either work as euthanasia or give relief to patient. Therefore prescribing the correct remedy with appropriate repetition is very important.
Later Prof Dr Manjunath, shared his experience in treating cancer patient with natural remedies along with homoeopathy. Giving patient warm water with lemon early morning on empty stomach helps in preventing cancer as cancer cells cannot survive in alkaline medium. Lastly Prof. Dr B D Patel, concluded the session congratulating the speakers as well as handing over the Momentos along with Prof Dr Swamy to the speakers.
The team of KQHDA cut the cake and refreshments sponsored by Dr Poornima and Dr Deepa Raje Nimbalkar were given to the attendees.
Reported by Dr Trupti Pai