International Homoeopathic Conference

The speaker was Dr. Joy Banerjee who spoke on Gall Bladder. There were good number of attendees. Dr. Joy explained the homeopathic management of gall stones with the help of cases. Nux Vomica proved to be useful in many of the cases. Constitutional works better along with specific depending on the cases.

The CME for November month was held on 5th November at BIG (Bangalore Institute if Gasterenterology) at 3pm.

The speakers for the CME were;

  • Dr. Divakar Murthy who spoke on Gall stones.
  • Dr. Aruna Sachdeva spoke on Uterine fibroids
  • Dr. Deepa Raje spoke on the homoeopathic management of the above.

It was a very good and educative session where cases on day to day basis were discussed. The December 2017 CME was held on 3rd December at R V Teachers College at 3:00pm. The speaker was K R Krishna Setty Sir who spoke on acupressure and natural cure of diseases. Most of the times natural cure line of treatment helps in most of the cases along with homeopathic management.

Friends now you can down load the entire International Homeopathic conference 2017 Bengaluru India the You Tube leads are given below: