Oath Ceremony And Doctors Day Celebration

The highlights of the event were;
    • Doctors Day Celebration
    • Oath Ceremony by the new office bearers of KQHDA and motivational speech by KQHDA team members.
    • Let’s grow together by Prof. Dr B D Patel.
    • Psychodynamics of disease by Prof. Dr Shreepad Hegde.
  • Felicitation of Prof Dr A L Patil.
The event was attended by 45 people including Senior Doctors, Junior Doctors, Postgraduates, Students and non medicos. Dr Chaitali welcomed everyone. Prof. Dr H L Swamy started the session with brief history of KQHDA and its journey to the international conference. He introduced the new office bearers; Dr Chaitali, Dr Deepa Raje, Dr Manisha Chopra, Dr Praveena, Dr Shubha, Dr Poornima, Dr Trupti . Along with Dr Sreenivasalu, Dr Balbir Singh and new office bearers took the oath to uphold the responsibilities and motto of KQHDA with Sincerity and Dedication to the best of their abilities. Followed by the Oath Ceremony, Prof. Dr Praveen guided the new team to take the organisation higher and respect everyone along this journey for it’s success. Prof. Dr B D Patel motivated the team and audience with an encouraging presentation on Let’s Grow together. He started the speech with importance of Doctor’ s Day. Through his presentation, he showed how with gentleness and friendliness we can achieve success and grow together in an organsation. Success does not come with ego, it comes with humbleness, respect for others opinion , effective communication and taking the responsibility of working together as a team. The event continued with case presentation by Prof. Dr Shreepad Hegde on understanding the psychodynamics of Disease. He explained the Dynamics of Diabetes, hypothyroidism and infertility through a case of Lycopodium. The next session was felicitation of Prof. Dr A. L. Patil, for representing as the Director of Ayush in Karnataka, with garland and Shawl by Prof. Dr. B. D. Patel, Prof. Dr. H.L. Swamy, Dr Srinivasalu, Prof. Dr. Shreepad Hegde and the new office bearers of KQHDA. The event concluded with cake cutting and snacks. Dr Chaitali thanked each and everyone for being a part of such a memorable event.