KQHDA One Day National Seminar 2018.

A One day National seminar was organised by Karnataka Qualified Homoepathic Doctors Association (KQHDA) on 29th April , 2018, at MENTS auditorium from 9am to 5pm. The seminar was attended by senior, junior doctors, UG and PG students, students of Bhagavan Buddha college and Goverment Homoepathic college, Bangalore. The auditorium was full and we had to put extra chairs to accommodate the attendees.

The highlights of the event were;
  • To celebrate Dr. Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (Father of Homeopathy) 263rd birthday as World Homoepathy Day.
  • Felicitation of Prof. Dr Shreepad Hegde with HomoeoAcharya Award.
  • Unlocking the cases with emotional symptom Grief and Opposition Defiant Disorder by eminent and renowned homeopath Dr. Parinaz Humranwala.

The seminar commenced with the lightning of Diyas by Prof. Dr B D Patel , Prof. Dr H L Swamy, Prof. Dr Shreepad Hegde, Dr Parinaz Humranwala, Dr Sreenivas, Dr Sreenivasalu and Dr Dinesh followed by devotional song sung by Dr Shailaja Shastry.

What Apple was to Newton, Cinchona was to Dr Hahnemann. Thanks to our Master and guide, Dr Hahnemann, who founded the science of Homoepathy which has been growing and gaining its popularity all over the world. The dignitaries paid respect to Dr Hahnemann.

Dr Deepa Raje showed a brief presentation on the success of international conference 2017 organized by KQHDA.

Prof. Dr B D Patel awarded the Homeo Acharya Award to Prof. Dr Shreepad Hegde for his marvellous achievement in the field of teaching. Dr Hegde has been teaching at Government Homeoepathic Medical College, Bangalore, for last 30 years and has been recognised for his multitalent across India. First time ever, both Mr. and Mrs. Shreepad were honoured with garlands, shawl and medal, this only KQHDA can think!!

Prof Dr. Shreepad Hegde in his speech said that ,”Teaching is an art of communication where the subject has to be made understood rather than just explained. He gave an example of Margaret Taylor who was teaching Sepia and how her teacher Dr Kent complimented her by saying that he taught Sepia but Taylor understood what is Sepia, hence could teach it so well to her students”. Dr Hegde thanked KQHDA and everyone for the award bestowed upon him and was overwhelmed with the gesture by KQHDA.

The seminar continued with educative and interesting presentation by the charismatic and eminent speaker, Dr Parinaz Humranwala, on understanding of Mental diseases with emotional symptom like Grief and Oppositional defiant Disorder. Dr. Humaranwala by her art of engaging the crowd and teaching skills made materia medica much more simpler and easier by explaining the nature of more simpler and easier by explaining the nature of remedies with their differentiation. Materia medica cannot be taught only in a closed classroom, one needs to be very observant and alert. Observe people in our surroundings. Patients reaction to behavior is important in prescribing the correct similitude.

She further explained seven levels of Grief starting from state of shock to acceptance with the help of video film and remedies at different levels of Grief. Grief does not always mean disappointment in love or death of near ones, it is a reaction to any unpleasant or pleasant situation expressing itself at different levels such as shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing and acceptance. It is not necessary for one to experience all levels. One can directly move from state of shock to acceptance without being in state of denial or depression. She highlighted the importance of case taking, thereby understanding the appropriate remedy the patient needs. If patient is in state of acceptance, one should not ask questions related to level of shock, we must allow the patient to go with the flow and explain what he went through or is going through.

The temperaments were explained making materia medica much more easier and understandable with examples. The tempraz software was used for understanding of rubrics with materia medica with drug differentiation through temperaments.

In today’s world, high cases of child rape, sexual assault , molestation have increased, and juveniles are found guilty of the offences. Most of these juveniles exhibit the symptoms much earlier in life before the exhibit the symptoms much earlier in life before the age of 13. If we identify these cases, treat them, such crimes and cruelty can be reduced. No system of medicine can treat mental illnesses better than Homoepathy as we treat person as a whole through detailed case taking and not just the disease per se.

Dr. Humranwala explained temper tantrums, conduct disorder,opposition defiant Disorder, reactive attachment disorder and antisocial behavior psychiatric disorder through video presentation and materia medica drug differentiation. Difference between antisocial and asocial was explained through graphic presentation.

At the end of the seminar, understanding of materia medica and handling mental illnesses was clear and each of us in the room, was confident of treating such cases.

After a brain storming and exquisite session of materia medica in mental diseases, it was time for some relaxation. Tejaswini, first year BHMS student entertained the crowd with her hulaloop dance style. The seminar concluded by valedictory function by awarding the metamorphosis, A PG diploma certificate to students and distribution of certificates the life members of KQHDA.

The seminar ended by everyone singing the National anthem which is hardly seen at any seminar. As expected, the seminar was a success and once again KQHDA proved its meticulousness, perfection, discipline, punctuality and excellent coordination of events.

Lastly, Thanks to our sponsors Bioron, Ajee Kumar from total cure, Anil from Truweight and Shringeri brother caterers for delicious lunch. Special thanks to sponsors Dr Balbir Singhji, Prof. Dr. H L Swamy and Prof. Dr. Shreepad Hegde.