Doctor Heal Thyself

The Speaker for the CME was Prof Dr H.L. Swamy Sir. There was good attendance for the CME. Before the CME started Dr Trupti And Dr Anusha checked the blood pressure and height -weight of the attendees.

Meeting started with silent invocation, then Dr Chaitali, President of KQHDA, welcomed the speaker with a brief Introduction. Prof. Dr H L Swamy Sir has over 25 years experience as Classical Homoeopath and Professor at Bhagwan Homoeopathic College, Founder of National Institute of Clinical excellence, Chairman of KQHDA and attached to many social organisation.

Prof Dr H L Swamy Sir started with Pondicherry Seminar details and about the Kerala devastation. The topic he discussed in today’s CME was on Physician Heal Thyself

Through this topic Prof. Dr H L Swamy Sir enlightened the crowd on how we allow ourselves to be easy targets to diseases. Any negative emotion such as Anger, Ego, Hatred, Greed, Jealousy would cause disharmony among the cells. What is on the mind is on the body. Every cell has a mind and with various emotions good or bad we tend to cause disruption in the human system causing health disturbances.

The CME guided us on how we need to understand if we really are sick, Do we really have a disease or it is an indisposition. We as Homoepathic physicians need to understand if we need to give medicines or just with modifications in lifestyle and diet we can restore to health. What we term as Normal or average reading is nothing but statistical guidelines. In any treatment, to understand the progress of the patient, the lab findings should be considered last and not first. The general well being is more important to ensure we are on the correct line of treatment. If the lab findings are good but the general well being is worse, means we are probably on the wrong direction towards cure.

There is a famous saying, “Early to bed early to rise, Makes one healthy wealthy and wise”. The aim of this CME was to have every individual Imbibe correct eating habits and healthy lifestyle with good exposure to sunlight , enough rest, Regular exercise, being confident and having healthy relationship thereby leading us to a healthy and long life.

The CME was concluded by Prof Dr H L Swamy Sir, thanking his mentor Dr Vithoulkas, Prof. Dr BM Hegde Sir and Prof Dr B D Patel Sir and above all his parents, who guided him through this journey of serving people.

Dr. Chaitali thanked the speaker and each and everyone for being part of this CME and requested Prof Dr B D Patel Sir to hand over the momento to Prof Dr H L Swamy Sir and speak few words about him. She also requested all the attendees to enjoy the snacks and tea sponsored by Dr Trupti Pai.

Prof. Dr. B.D. Patel Sir spoke about the Kerala relief fund and thanked Dr Sanjay Panicker for his effort and fund and thanked Dr Sanjay Panicker for his effort and initiative to help the people of Kerala by distributing homoeopathic medicines to the Needy through Amritanandamayi Foundation.

The Medicines distributed will have logos of the sponsors namely KQHDA, Amrita Homeopathic and Aesthetic clinic and Maruti homoeo pharmacy. KQHDA would be giving a donation of 50,000 to Kerala relief and 50,000 to Kodagu relief.

Prof Dr. B.D. Patel Sir also spoke about the Pondicherry National Seminar organized by KQHDA on 1st and 2nd December and requested all to be part of organizing committee and Reception Committee.