Study Of Ophidia Group Special Emphasis On Lachesis

The 9th CME was organised by KQHDA at R V Teachers College on 7th October 2018 at 3 pm. The speaker for the CME was Prof. Dr B D Patel, a renowned Homoeopath , ex principal of 3 homoeopathic colleges, attached to different voluntarily services and Governor of Rotary Club. There were good number of attendees. Dr Chaitali welcomed all the attendees and requested Prof Dr H L Swamy to speak a few words about Dr Patel Sir. 
Dr Swamy introduced Prof Dr Patel as the youngest principal, a multilingual, a disciplinary and energetic person. It is a blessing to be guided by Prof. Dr B D Patel as a mentor. The topic for today’s CME was on Ophidia kingdom with emphasis on Lachesis. The CME presentation started with videos on different types of snakes and understanding the traits of snakes. The characterictis of snake , it’s behavior, when applied to human behavior one can identify the traits of snake personality and help in prescribing the correct similimum.
Through the presentation, Dr Patel explained how the snakes have their origin from ancient time, the structure of DNA, the movement of energies in our body and the doctorate symbol linked to the structure of snakes. The presentation gave differentiation on snake remedies like Elaps, Naja, Crotalus and better understanding of the drug Lachesis.
How the proving of Lachesis was done and the symptoms were discussed in detail. 
The CME was very educative and went on for 2.5 hours, still the crowd felt we wanted more. The way Ophidia group and Lachesis was explained with examples and informative slides, one will never forget Lachesis. No one could have explained Lachesis as Prof Dr Patel did, so crisp and clear. We definitely will need another session with case discussions and examples , so Part 2 of this CME will be organised soon.
The CME was concluded by presenting the momento to Prof Dr B D Patel by Dr Praveen Kumar followed by Snacks sponsored by Dr Sreenivasalu. 
Dr Deepa Raje Nimbalker reminded the audience about the Pondicherry National Seminar on 1st and 2nd December 2018 and requested all to be a part of this event.